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  • UrbangroovesRD @ Onnos Bar

    UrbangroovesRD @ Onno’s Zona Colonial

    UrbangroovesRD & ICU presents: Superb Deepness En la Terapia de este miercoles 7 de junio se tratará el tema de SUPERB DEEPNESS, donde tendremos la oportunidad de escuchar el house music en sus vertientes … Read More »

    June 06, 2017 0
  • Ramonkie & Friends

    Ramonkie & Friends

    Our Friday gathering is around the corner and we are very excited to have as special guest DJs two well proven and professional local artist. It’s all about the music! Line up: Peter Abreu … Read More »

    February 08, 2017 0
  • 808 Monday

    808 Monday

    On our path to change the way weeks should start! Next Monday 9th we are taking over Dock Lounge & Terrace to keep the party going in the last day of extended celebration. Mondays … Read More »

    January 05, 2017 0

    Since we know that you might have plans to stay, we decided to put together some of the best local artist in town for a very special celebration and to keep the party going. … Read More »

    December 05, 2016 0

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  • Luis Flores
    Lui- PhantomDeck @ SoundElectric Music Experience
  • Dr.Funk @ Rancho Liz - Santiago [Pumping Records]
  • Alex Young @ Rancho Liz - Santiago [Pumping Records]
  • Felipe Alemais @ The Cave - Hallow Maniac 2015 [Poto Entertainment]
  • Kevin Yost @ The Warehouse [Quorum X]
  • Daydreamers @ The Warehouse [Quorum X]
  • Marco de Moya B2b Chacha @ The Cave
  • Chacha @ Sunday Funday - Moustache Bar
  • Agent! @The Cave [SoundElectric 1st Anniversary]
  • Big Bite @ The Cave [SoundElectric 1st Anniversary]


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  • Repost urbangroovesdr with repostapp  The Friday gathering for Technohellip
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